For the love of historical Germanic poetry and organic electronic music we established ‘Die goetheanistische Tonkunstgesellschaft Schwarzblut’ in 2007. We released 3 full length albums and various EP’s through Alfa Matrix. We love our classical poets and philosophers, as well as Wagnerian orchestrations and craft beers. We do energetic and visual live performances. We are a tree with deep roots, inspired by lore and legacy. Our 4th album ‘Idisi’ will be released April 20th 2018. And so our story continues.

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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW! 'Lied der Freiheit MMXVIII''. A tribute to those of free spirit. An orchestral powerhouse to underline the importance of owning one's own mind. Pre-order the new album (out April 20th):
CD: bit.ly/2F7QjJT
2CD: bit.ly/2C2rPDs
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Awesome stuff taking shape for the upcoming shows in Deventer, Gemert and Delft. #newalbum #idisi #bunker ... moreless

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“This band celebrates the old languages and catapults them onto the dancefloor. Especially the orchestral parts give you goosebumps!”
Sonic Seducer
review of Gebeyn Aller Verdammten

“A ‘larger than life’ production with huge tension between rhythm and melody, providing great dynamics.”
Rock Tribune
review of Bis Aufs Blut EP