We are on halt and look back with pride at our marvelous collaboration in music and art.

For the love of historical Germanic poetry and organic electronic music we established ‘Die goetheanistische Tonkunstgesellschaft Schwarzblut’ in 2007. We released 4 full length albums and various EP’s through Alfa Matrix. Expressing our love for classical poets and philosophers, as well as industrial percussion and Wagnerian orchestrations. 

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Bandcamp waiving revenue share again on all sales this day! Friday, May 1st.

As the fallout of COVID-19 continues to rock the music industry via closed shops, cancelled live shows and decrease of streaming activities, your support is very much welcome.

So make sure to rush to Bandcamp today to directly support your favourite artists and music scene!


Idisi (Bonus Tracks Version), by SCHWARZBLUT
18 track album
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Schwarzblut music spreads still. Go check this out.

Matrix Downloaded 009, by Various Artists
61 track album
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“One can say with good reason that Schwarzblut has once again raised the bar. Thumbs up!”
Sonic Seducer
review of Idisi

“A ‘larger than life’ production with huge tension between rhythm and melody, providing great dynamics.”
Rock Tribune
review of Bis Aufs Blut EP

“This band celebrates the old languages and catapults them onto the dancefloor. Especially the orchestral parts give you goosebumps!”
Sonic Seducer
review of Gebeyn aller Verdammten